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HKNGIS will be inaugurated on March 9, 2010. Details of the Inauguration Programme - The Next Generation Internet for Hong Kong


In its first year of operation, The Hong Kong Next Generation Internet Society (HKNGIS) plans to promote the establishment of the Hong Kong Next Generation Internet Society to the IT community in Hong Kong and to lay a strong foundation for the future development of the society. The Directors and founding members have met on November 12, 2008, to discuss the work plan in detail and agreed to set up the following target for the year 2009:

1. To organize an inaugural meeting to introduce the formation and objectives of HKNGIS:

The aim is to make known the formation of the HKNGIS and the objectives of the society to the Hong Kong community through an inaugural meeting of the HKNGIS. Participants will be invited from the government officials, academic community, IT industry, schools etc. Expert speakers from the NGI community will be invited to introduce the development of NGI in other regions, which could include experts from CERNET (China Education and Research Network), CNGI (China Next Generation Internet), Internet2, IPv6 Forum, etc.

2. To organize a technical session to introduce IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) to the local IT industry and how to set up IPv6 in an organization:

The aim is to familiarize the local IT industry on the NGI and IPv6 technologies through technical seminars, to provide guidelines to industry players on setting up the support for IPv6 in an organization and to promote IPv6 deployment and usage in Hong Kong.

3. To arrange one or two site visits to organizations with IPv6 set up:

The aim is to familiarize society members with the current state of IPv6 deployment in Hong Kong. Possible organizations could include OGCIO (Office of the Government Chief Information Office), CyberPort, Universities, Hutchison, Wharf T&T etc

4. To initiate a project with an aim to establish a platform for introducing IPv6 to the Hong Kong community, including the IT industry, the government, the academia and the public, for pilot testing Next Generation Internet applications:

The aim is to gather seed funding to establish an experimental platform for supporting pilot testing of NGI and IPv6 applications so as to promote the development and deployment of Next Generation Internet applications in Hong Kong. Through this project, it is aimed to promote the awareness and use of IPv6 to the IT sector and the community in Hong Kong and to establish a low cost platform for the SME IT developers to develop innovative applications in this future Next Generation Internet platform for supporting business and commercial use.

5. To undertake a survey on the use of IPv6 in HK:

The aim is to carry out a survey to gauge the extent of use of IPv6 in Hog Kong which could help the Society to formulate its plan in the future.

6. To set up a website for HKNGIS.

The aim is to form a focal point to introduce the work of the HKNGIS and to attract potential participants to join the work of the society.

7. To promote membership of HKNGIS.

The aim is to get more IT developers and the community of Hong Kong who are interested in the work of the HKNGIS to join the Society and to establish a core group of people working together to foster the aims of the society.

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