Welcome to the Hong Kong Next Generation Internet Society

The Hong Kong Next Generation Internet Society "HKNGIS" was incorporated in January 2009 as a non-profit-making professional body with the primary objective of promoting the development and use of the Next Generation Internet in Hong Kong. HKNGIS had applied for and been granted the status of a non-taxable entity in Hong Kong in July 2009.
  News and Supporting Events:

20 September 2018 - Build a Secure Cyberspace 2018 – “Stay Safe, Keep Cyber Scam Away” Seminar

19-20 September 2018 - Data & Cloud Tech Summit 2018 Hong Kong

06 September 2018 - The 11th CIO Executive Summit 2018 Hong Kong

08 June 2018 - The 3rd Retail Innovation & eCommerce Summit 2018 Hong Kong

25 May 2018 - Digital Transformation to Drive Innovation – To Disrupt or To be Disrupted

26 April 2018 - The 10th InfoSecurity Summit 2018 Hong Kong

12-13 April 2018 - Internet Economy Summit

06 March 2018 - The 9th Annual BankTech Executive Summit

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