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Members of Hong Kong Next Generation Internet Society (HKNGIS) visited Cisco HK office

HKNGIS members visited the Hong Kong Office of Cisco Systems, Inc. on February 11, 2010 to learn Cisco’s next generations Internet technologies. Ms Barbara Chiu, General Manager of Cisco Hong Kong and Macau, was present to give a warm welcome to the members for joining the visit.

Cisco has been a pioneer in IPv6 technology and participating in the development of transition techniques and deployment strategies for its products that satisfy a range of customer and network requirements for both service providers and enterprise customers, whether planning a trial deployment or deploying live in a controlled environment. It is Cisco’s belief that fixed, contactable and public IPv6 addresses for everyone and every device is a new generation of Internet Experience.

During the visit, Ms Tina Hung, Manager of Public Sector, introduced Cisco's vision and mission on 21st century education - “change the way we work, live, play and learn”. Mr. Paul Ho, Cisco System Engineer, then gave a presentation on Cisco IPv6 technologies. He emphasized that fundamental to the successful market adoption of the new Internet Protocol standard would be the smooth integration and coexistence of IPv6 on the existing IPv4 Internet. The live demonstration was delivered by Mr. Rich Yim, Cisco System Engineer. Members fully participated in the visit and expressed their views, and certainly had a deep impression on the Cisco technologies of next generation internet.

Ms Barbara Chiu, General Manager of Cisco
Hong Kong and Macau joined HKNGIS members
Ms Tina Hung, Manager of Cisco Public Sector,
introduced Cisco’s vision on 21st century learning
Mr. Rich Yim (right) and Mr. Paul Ho (left), Cisco System Engineers,
shared the technology overview of IPv6.
Members were paying attention during the presentation and demonstration.
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